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W.B.Mutual Transfer Organization

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Our Mission:

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Our database Provide you the grateful information which you never thinking. The Job is not so easy to match your profile quickly, however we are trying to store centralized database for mutual transfer. Peoples already publishing their ads in daily newspaper, distributing bills, stinking wall bills and other media. But these are not permanent solution. There is no long term guarantee that your profile match will follow you through these mediums. We are really looking forward to help you long time and find others in just click away through our website. Our mission is to provide you the best platform that enables your search quickly.


Terms :

Our Helpdeskdirect have no connections with none of service commissions in West Bengal, you can find only those candidates are interested in mutual transfer and published their interest through our website. When peoples are registering with helpdesk, we are able to show you their interest; our site can only provide you about the person information and nothing else. You can contact them directly.


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Feedback :

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I appreciate you! Yes you. Thank you for making this kind of website. It's truly helps us to transfer process.
– Prabir Ghosh
 Site Visitor
Great information! I've been looking for something like this for a ... Very good
– Ashish Das
 Site Visitor
I was wondering...your sms information service really good too
– Mukulkanti Gole
 Site Visitor
Absolute Power of Positive Thinking.Your Idea really helpful to success ur mission.
– Nayan Chand Acharyya
 Site Visitor
Great ! Great Thinking. It'll be very helpfull. Thanks to WBMTO"
– Ashok Kumar Kanjilal
 Site Visitor
This is a great effort and great concept. Need more publicity & ad on internet to make this idea really successful.Thanks a lot once again.
– Dona Ghosh
 Site Visitor
this is very fruitful effort for us.........
– amitava majumdar
 Site Visitor
– subrata biswas
 Site Visitor
Your think is very grateful.This website needs to the mutual transfer of the Teachers in West Bengal. Anupam Sarkar.
– Anupam Sarkar
 Site Visitor
This is very halpful & very very.... nice site.Thank you.
– Debasish Ghosh
 Site Visitor
– Anup Kumar ghosh
 Site Visitor
fantastic and great steps to help existing teacher to get their school within a short distance from their home
 Site Visitor
Its a very positive approach from your side to help like us who want to take mutual transfer immediately to School at their preferred area. I will be highly grateful if you kindly come forward and help me to take the same at the earliest.
– Supriyo Haldar
 Site Visitor
I think this is the needed thought you made for. Many people like us will get a hope after several long distance travel.thanks for your help regarding this website in westbengal first time.
 Site Visitor
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